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Extreme RUST survival

We’ve asked the RUST community to sort a set of VIP perks by importance. Here are the results.

The survey was running during July/August 2020. Needless to say, only a handful of people have participated. It’s not statistically significant but some research is still better than no research at all.

Skip the queue was excluded by purpose. This one is expected to be the default perk of any VIP package. No surprise it was suggested the most in your “Other” responses (43%).

Free materials or kits were excluded too as they won’t be available on SOLO ISLAND to keep the…

This article is a short how-to on developing mods/plugins for the game Rust. We will try to describe the best way to set up your local work environment, so you are most efficient and stop wasting time during development. We will also set up code completion/IntelliSense for your local Rust server, so you can simultaneously code your plugin and check it in your game. This is in contrast with the common simple way of just editing the plugin file in a text editor and uploading it over and over via FTP. …


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