How hard it is to join SOLO ISLAND

3 min readMar 11, 2022

SOLO ISLAND is known for its “quality > quantity” approach. That’s also true for any survivor trying to join the Island.

When you get disconnected right after you wake up on the beach

If you were able to wake up on the beach, then you already made it through the “meat grinder” — a quality filter that won’t let you stay with us if any of the following conditions is met:

1. Cheaters can’t join

First things first, zero tolerance to cheaters means if there’s a VAC or game ban on a survivor’s account, the meat is auto-kicked right after waking up on the beach, with a “VAC or game banned survivors are not welcome” message. The body is left on the beach for anyone to harvest and eat raw. That’s it, no less than 30, 100, 365 days … nothing! Cheaters are not welcome!

2. No new accounts

Survivors with new Steam accounts are not allowed either. More often than not, these are just returning cheaters or survivors not experienced enough to sustain the … love they will receive. Remember, SOLO ISLAND is “Extreme RUST survival” for a reason.

Most RUST servers have the “at least 30 days old” rule. It’s more than double on SOLO ISLAND! This way, the new accounts are forced to join other servers with less strict rules and be initiated there before returning hardened and tested back to us!

3. No ads or special characters in names

When it comes to survivors’ names, several rules are in place:

● no advertising: no links in names
● no special characters: letters and numbers only
● no excessive chars repetition: keep names readable
● no excessive name changing: can be forced to keep a name
● protected best score holder name: can’t use if not the one
● can’t use “Admin” and other selected names

This is how we keep our chat clean and reporting easy.

Sample names and their filtering criteria

And if your name is not allowed on SOLO ISLAND, you can always change it and join with a new name. A lot of survivors actually do change their name, and here’s how you can change your name on Steam too. You can do it!

4. No active bans on SOLO ISLAND

Obviously, if there’s an active ban on the account, it’s not allowed to join us. The Rules [join to read them in full] are strict, and the majority of bans are permanent!

Most of the policing on SOLO ISLAND is automated with detected rules violations logged and auto-reported. There’s no second chance after they try to team or cheat. The doors are closed — forever.

5. Not banned on other Solo servers

Yes, you really need to behave in the Solo community if you don’t want to be surprised by the “Already banned on another Solo server” kick-out message.

We seek to share ban info with other Solo servers out there. And while the sync will never be 100%, you still don’t want to risk it!

Currently, some 20% — 30% of those trying to join are not allowed.

Are we still not strict enough and should check for Steam <-> Discord name match or perhaps require a min. amount of hours in the game? Let us know!




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