VIP Perks Survey

2 min readJan 2, 2021

We’ve asked the RUST community to sort a set of VIP perks by importance. Here are the results.

The survey was running during July/August 2020. Needless to say, only a handful of people have participated. It’s not statistically significant but some research is still better than no research at all.

Skip the queue was excluded by purpose. This one is expected to be the default perk of any VIP package. No surprise it was suggested the most in your “Other” responses (43%).

Free materials or kits were excluded too as they won’t be available on SOLO ISLAND to keep the game fair for everyone. We believe VIP packages should not be a pay-to-win scheme.

What was left was a series of harmless perks serving as experience boosters, without giving any in-game advantage.

So what perk is the most valuable you say?

That’s right! Uploading wooden sign images with a chat command seems to be a thing.

Other perks sorted by the community:

Thank you all who participated! Your Reddit and Steam comments helped too. Here’s a quick dump of some of them so you have an idea:

“This shit is why I stick to official servers. Community bullshit isn’t something I personally want to put up with, including random VIP shit. VIP should be a slot in the server at all times, nothing more” — 1tmccollum

“Honestly the vast majority of those perks would never entice me to purchase VIP. If I am paying for VIP I want something useful like base building resources, key cards, components etc.” — boggintuff

“I only spend money on servers that don’t have VIP. I’ll gladly donate to keep a server running, but not if it has VIP” — CaptainNebulous

“I would never spend money on a Rust server.” — Three English Letters شازام

“Imagine wasting money on a server” — Filip

The complete report including all questions, answers, and additional comments can be downloaded from SOLO ISLAND’s Patreon page. Our Patrons (selected tiers) have backstage access to everything we do.

What are your thoughts on VIP packages? Are they any good and if yes, what should and should not be included? Have you ever purchased one?

We want to know!




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