The best RUST furnace replica

3 min readJan 31, 2022

We are happy to report the discovery of the best RUST furnace replica on the market! That’s right, the best you can find.

World’s best RUST furnace replica on the market

Game props are trending. They look fantastic, some even work as real things would do, and most of all — they remind us of the games we love. It’s an easy (although not necessarily cheap) way to keep connected to your favorite digital world.

The best RUST furnace replica looks just like the game item. It feels real in your hands and is USB powered, making sound and emitting light as it burns through your soul!

Furnace “burning” with proper sound and visual effects

Asking the creator a few simple questions, we shed more light on the creative process and his motivation. But it’s not just the interview. You can get the furnace for free as our Patron. Read below …

Who are you?

My name is Alexander; I am 27 years old. I work as a business analyst in an IT company, used to work in motion pictures production for six years before.

Why do you love RUST?

I don’t play computer games at all, but RUST is great because of the number of features and other things which allow you to bring elements of real life, interaction with people, and connection with the outside world. It also has educational points, such as the electricity system.

Why do you hate RUST?

The only thing that infuriates me is that I can’t play RUST because my computer is a piece of s-crap. It was an old birthday present. The only thing I can afford right now is to watch RUST videos on YouTube.

How did you come up with the furnace idea?

One day I decided to make a handmade project from the very beginning till the end. I had this idea to make a complete copy of a game item (as detailed as possible, with the best quality in mind), and the only game that I liked was RUST. And what prop most strongly evokes associations with this game? Of course, furnace.

When I started, I didn’t understand anything about it. Also, I didn’t have proper screenshots that I could use to make my furnace. And I’m not even talking about …

CONTINUE READING on our Patreon page If you become our Patron, you may also get one furnace for free!

In the meantime, you can find Alexander and his amazing work on Instagram, Etsy, and YouTube.

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How to get the furnace

One furnace will be awarded to a random Patron once we reach our €150/month goal. It will be a one-time event only, so make absolutely sure you are in when it happens – there’s only one furnace available!

Receiving the furnace is OPTIONAL — the selected Patron will have to provide a physical mail address for delivery (otherwise, moving the prize to another Patron).

It truly is an artifact to keep for life!




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