Thorp broke the best score and the whole SOLO ISLAND with it

5 min readFeb 17, 2022
Meet Thorp, the new undisputed SOLO ISLAND champion and best score holder

Every aspect of your survival is scored on SOLO ISLAND: farming, hunting, looting, doing monuments, killing, building, Bradley or Heli interception, raiding your beloved neighbors, even skinning them … we have you covered. In short — you get points for progression, not just the kills.

The more difficult the thing you do, the more points are added to your name. Type “/stats” in chat to see the Leaderboard. And watch your back when Thorp, Jack, or kukcelo are around — our current and previous best score holders!

Starting what could be a tradition, here’s a short interview with Thorp, who just broke the old and is the new best score holder.

Who are you?

My name is Niclas, I just turned 36, and I’m from Sweden. I work in Norway as a foreman in asphalt paving, so we are free in the wintertime because of snow and cold. Besides RUST I work out in the gym and do winter sports. I'm pretty competition-oriented so maybe that’s why I broke this record ;)

Definitely not asphalt paving the Launch Site

Why do you play RUST?

Good question! I dunno actually, but I think I saw a friend some year ago Snapchat RUST, and I didn’t know what it was about, so I just looked it up and uh, a survival game … Naaaa. So I kept playing War Thunder with our Squad of friends like we always did for some years. But I got tired of it after 4k hours, so I started to look for a new competitive game and tried RUST.

I love the competition and making others suffer over their wasted time in the game ;) I also really like building and testing the builds with raid attempts to make better bases — “practice makes perfect”. And to kill crybabies, of course! RUST has all these features, I think. But I hate bears and boars in prim time. Other than that, I don’t think it’s so negative; it’s only pixels, right!

Play Minecraft if u can’t take a downfall.

How many hrs you have in the game?

Let's see, I have 2k now inclusive of AFK, so maybe 1.9k-ish.

Taking the Oil Rig heavies with a unique style

Your best and worst RUST moment?

My best was the second day I ever played RUST. After the first day, I just wanted to trash the game. I ended up in a high pop server, not knowing a thing about the game, never actually leaving the beach. So after 2h I shut it down and thought, what is this shitty game. Everyone running naked and killing each other with rocks?

Then come the 2nd day. I tried again and finally got off the beach, but still didn’t know jack shit. Run into some people but none was willing to help how all works. YouTube didn't exist in my head ;). But THEN! I ran into a guy with full metal AK kit. I just stopped and he stopped too. We were just standing there, looking at each other. I asked if he could help me to get started. He was actually from the best clan on the server and literally took me on an adventure I will never forget. The guy showed me everything, all monuments, and PvP-ed down everyone we met. He was sick! So it turned out VERY good at the end.

Worst. I dunno actually, maybe playing Solo on a high pop 5+ team servers :)

Delivering pizza to a nearby neighbor

How did you come up with the idea of breaking the best score on SOLO ISLAND?

It’s a game so all records are there to break ;) And that’s me. And I'm gonna break it like never before! :)

What would you like to see in the game that is missing right now?

A little bit more pop of course but it's not easy. Be able to shoot rockets from mini :) Tracking rockets from a rocket launcher. More PvE in low pop server.

Thorp’s base — even with incorrect gate placement, still the only chad base to survive the wipe

Anything else you would like to say?

I think this is a really well done modded server. It’s sad not more Solo players choose this one or know about it yet. And if I raid some of u or if I get raided, just remember, it’s just pixels! It's not gonna affect your real life unless u can’t see a difference between the game and reality ❤

Thorp ended up actually doubling the previous best score! And he wasn’t even trying that hard. It took him 87 hrs to achieve a stunning 301 188 pts, while he still left a lot of room for an even higher best score in the future.

Editing the Outpost sign near the recyclers

As a nice bonus for the best score holder — the name “Thorp” is now protected! No one else can use the same name on SOLO ISLAND until the best score is broken, again …




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